Piston Ring

PT TPR Indonesia provide high precision and high durability piston rings with latest technology available to date.


TPRIN's rings

PT TPR Indonesia have been manufacturing piston rings as OEM parts for many engine makers, mainly wide-known Japanese engine maker. Our customer not only in Indonesia, but we also export to Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, and also Philipines.

With production rate of 3 million rings per month, our piston rings have been widely used in many passenger car and motorcycles throughout South East Asia.

Material :

  • SuS
  • SiCr

Surface Treatment Type :

  • PVD
  • Nitride
  • Chrome Mekki

Ring Type :

  • Top Ring
  • 2nd Ring
  • 3-piece Oil ring (Spacer & Siderail)
  • 2-piece Oil ring (I-form ring)